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01-Role of madrassa in Pakistan:


Role of madrassa in Pakistan is not good but in past they done very good job for Islam. It's our government duty that they should put off all  madrassas because they teach us islam by sets like shia, sunni, Wahhabism and 2nd  thing is very astonishing that some  madrassas are supported the terrorists. So it’s our government duty that they should make Islamic madrassas for Islamic studies

02-Foreign policy of Pakistan:



We should improve our foreign policy because it is also a key factor to control the terrorism in Pakistan


03-Border Security:


We should improve our border security because through the border we facing terrorism. India, Afghanistan and some terrorist planers are creating a problem for us .So this is our government duty that they improve our border security


04- Drone attacks in Pakistan:


Drone attacks is totally wrong policy because through these attacks thousands time many innocent people also were killed with militants and it’s not good thing for peaceful environment in Pakistan


05- Education System in Pakistan:








We should improve our whole education system because in Pakistan there are many types of education system are existing so that’s why we have no vision


06- Check the Literature:


Government should check the literature that is sell in our bookshops because many publishers are sell wrong books. Specially these publishers are changing our history of Islam and it is very danger for Islam and world

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